Dúchas Schools Collection Exhibit

Celebrate Timahoe’s Rich Heritage at the Timahoe Heritage Festival.

We are delighted to announce that during the upcoming Timahoe Heritage Festival, we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating stories and traditions of our local community. As part of this exciting event, the Timahoe Heritage Centre will be hosting a remarkable exhibition that delves into the depths of our past. Join us as we explore the enchanting tales submitted to the Dúchas.ie Schools Collection in the 1930s and discover the captivating history that lies within our village.

At the heart of the Timahoe Heritage Festival is the exhibition held at the Timahoe Heritage Centre. Nestled within this charming establishment, visitors will have the opportunity to marvel at a collection of local folklore tales that were lovingly submitted to the Duchas.ie Schools Collection many decades ago. This unique exhibition presents a fascinating glimpse into the lives and beliefs of our ancestors, preserving their stories for generations to come.

The Duchas.ie Schools Collection

The Duchas.ie Schools Collection was a remarkable initiative undertaken in the 1930s, where students from various schools across Ireland were encouraged to document and record local folklore. The goal was to preserve the rich oral traditions that had been passed down through generations. In Timahoe, our ancestors contributed a treasure trove of captivating tales, legends, and beliefs, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of our heritage.

Preserving Heritage at the Timahoe Heritage Centre

The Timahoe Heritage Centre serves as a custodian of our village’s rich history, providing a space where past and present converge. Not only does the centre host this exceptional exhibition, but it also houses the renowned Tower & Bean Coffee Shop, where visitors can take a break and soak in the ambience of Timahoe. With its warm hospitality and delightful refreshments, the coffee shop invites you to relax and reflect on the captivating stories you’ve encountered.


Jun 03 - 04 2023


12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


All Weekend,
Free Event
Timahoe Heritage Centre


Timahoe Heritage Centre
Timahoe, Co. Laois

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