Viking Battle Reenactment

Timahoe Heritage Festival 2019.

Viking Battle Reenactment.

Trjegul are a Viking reenactment group portraying life and death in the Viking age around the area of Ulfreksfjord (modern day Larne, Co. Antrim).

They are primarily a combat group, and display viking battle training, formations, assault tactics, live team combat and competitive duels. Trjegul take their Viking role very seriously, viewing every event they take part in, as part of their yearly ‘campaign’ or ‘raiding season’. They feel that by taking this approach, it deepens their portrayal of the Viking way, and adds a little something extra with stories of recent battles.

" Since we first started operating as a group we have been busting for the chance to get stuck into some monks! "
Reenactment Group

Trjegul will arrive in Timahoe, on Sunday 2nd of June, with only one thing on their mind!

Just like the Vikings in 919, they will target the monastic settlement. 1100 years ago the abbots at Teach Mochua were no doubt taken by surprise, as the hordes descended upon them.

Monasteries were always a prime target for the Vikings, but it was those with a coastal setting that were most at risk. The onslaught of incessant attacks had abated somewhat by the year 919, and perhaps Timahoe had thought they had survived unscathed.

Alas it wasn’t so, the Vikings sacked the place and burned the Oratory to the ground.

So we awaited the second coming of the Vikings, at Timahoe Heritage Festival, and ask the question, “will we be ready for them this time?”

" We're looking forward to it - What viking doesnt want the chance to sack a monastry? "
Reenactment Group
Trjegul are heading to Timahoe for battle!


Reenactment Society

Trjegul R.S. was founded in 2016 with the intent for like-minded individuals to share and expand upon their knowledge and interests in living history and combat training. They have now grown to be a recognised re-enactment association who take part in seasonal events within Northern Ireland and further afield, both independently and alongside associated groups.

Their members regularly meet to train and take part in living history and combat displays, specifically within 
8th -10th Century Viking era, while also branching into other periods of history as required.
They recruit new members on a seasonal basis and welcome anyone who shares their interests in history or feels they would enjoy taking part in  combat training and events.
Timahoe Heritage Festival