Return of the Monks, Vikings & Local Warriors

Timahoe Heritage Festival is all about revisiting and celebrating our amazing historical past, from medieval monks, vikings and local warriors, to the famine, War of Independence, and right up to more recent times, with so much in between!

Our 2023 event will of course feature lots of vikings, warriors and monks and how wonderful it will be to have them all, despite the mayhem and madness that goes with having hordes of warring factions!

But our the aim of our festival is to venture back in time, bringing the past to life, on the site of our ancient monastery, and against the backdrop of Timahoe Round Tower – perhaps the finest surviving example of a round tour in Ireland; and that is from the opinions of the experts in such matters. Of course we roundly (forgive the pun) agree with them! 

 We will update all details in our Events section as soon as everything is finalised!

The perfect setting for Vikings!
A pious monk - Photograph by Paul Gibney
Viking Wisdom