Eight Seconds – History Of The Viking Raid On Timahoe

Viking Raid on Timahoe.

The Annals of the Four Masters, reveals much about Timahoe’s historical past, and one of the most interesting pieces of information, is the fact that Norsemen raided the monastic settlement in the year 919.

It must have been a time of great terror for the Abbots of the Monastery, at Teach Mochua, which had been established in the 7th Century, and named after its founder, St. Mochua. 

The Vikings had been raiding for centuries, and every monastery lived in fear of the day they would be paid a visit by them. 

The Viking raid on the monastic island of Lindisfarne, on England’s northeastern coast, in 793, is remembered as the beginning of the Viking Age! For over 200 years the Monks of Timahoe, escaped their wrath, but almost inevitably, they arrived with fury!

So we came across this short video, actually very short video, and thought it lightheartedly  summed up the scene at Timahoe, in 919!


Directed: Giant Creative giant.ie – Design: Robert Semple robertsemple.blogspot.com/

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