How to become a Viking Trader!

Timahoe Heritage Festival 2019.

Craft Village Trade Stands.

Do you want to become a Viking Trader? Or just be yourself and trade with the Vikings? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, then Timahoe Heritage Festival, on June 1st & 2nd is the place for you! With countless Vikings, Monks and medieval folk, milling about, there will be plenty of pennies and plunder to be spent!

Festival Craft Village.

For both days of this year’s Timahoe Heritage Festival, we will have a Craft Village, with plenty of local art & crafts on display. If you are a craftsperson or trader, and wish to hire a stall at the Craft Village, then please get in touch, using our Contact Page, or phone 087 6813116, for more details!

Timahoe Heritage Festival – The Viking Festival
Craft Village
Saturday June 1st
Sunday June 2nd

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Did you know?

When they weren’t pilfering and plundering, the Vikings actually did do a bit of trading! The harsh environment of Scandinavia, left the Vikings without a lot of the commodities from other parts of Europe, which they duly traded for. In return they could offer goods such as timber, weapons, whale and seal skins, furs and metals. The Vikings had no currency as such, and traded with silver, which was cut and weighed, to determine its value.

On a darker note, the Vikings were also keen traders of slaves. They prowled the coasts of countries, and would even venture inland, kidnapping poor unfortunates, whom they sold into slavery, in lands far from where they had been abducted!

A Medieval Market!

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